Estate Planning

Our lawyers based in Dallas Texas can help you with matters pertaining to estate planning, including the strategies to help you make sure that your wishes are honored, with legal documents such as:

  • Last will and testament
  • Trusts (we help you determine which kind of trust suits your specific needs such as Revocable Living Trusts, Irrevocable Living Trusts, Grantor Trusts, Testamentary Trusts, Special Needs Trusts, etc.)
  • Durable power of attorney
  • Healthcare power of attorney
  • Guardianship designations
  • Other estate planning documents to help you with specific desired outcomes

We also can counsel you in specific situations such as:

  • Military deployment overseas
  • Expatriate (ex-pat) estate documents
  • Desired executor of your will living outside of Texas
  • Unique situations such as blended family, adoption and related circumstances

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Helpful content about specific topics pertaining to estate planning coming soon.