Whether you have already been arrested or are still being investigated on suspicion of committing a crime, it is in your best interest to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney. The State and Federal governments prosecute criminal offenses, and they are only interested in convicting you and taking away your rights and liberties. The attorneys at Wyde and Associates have years of experience fighting the government and in-depth knowledge of “the system” gained as former judges and prosecutors.

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Along with our criminal law services outlined above, our attorneys handle cases involving:

  • Evading Arrest
  • Injury to a Child

Criminal Law Case Results

State v. Nicole W.

Driving While Intoxicated

County:  Collin

Result:  Dismissed.  Judge impermissibly granted State’s Motion for Mistrial during a jury trial.  The State attempted to retry the case. Wyde & Associates filed Motion to Dismiss based upon U.S. Constitution’s Double Jeopardy clause.  State’s appellate attorney tells judge, “The State can’t win on appeal.”  Judge dismisses case against client.

State v. Jonathan H.

Assault, Family Violence

County:  Dallas

Result:  Dismissed.  Client is eligible to receive Order for Expunction.

State v. Ken R.

Driving While intoxicated

County: Dallas

Result:  Dismissed; W&A negotiated a plea agreement wherein Client received non-conviction probation for Obstruction of a Highway and a fine.  Client is eligible to receive Orders of Expunction and Non-Disclosure.

State v. Ken R.

Driving While Intoxicated

County:  Dallas

Result:  Dismissed; W&A negotiated plea agreement wherein client

received non-conviction probation for Obstruction of a Highway and a fine.  Client is eligible for Orders of Expunction and Non-Disclosure.


State vs. Jose A.

Client accused of 2nd-degree felony Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, facing 25 years to Life in the penitentiary.
Wyde & Associates negotiated a plea bargain wherein the charge was reduced to the Class B misdemeanor of Disorderly Conduct and the client accepted his backtime in lieu of any further punishment.

State vs. Amy G.

Client was indicted for evading arrest from the police by fleeing in her car, a 3rd-degree felony on two separate dates. One felony was DISMISSED and the other reduced to a misdemeanor, with a sentence of 12 months non-supervised, non-reporting probation.
Client is eligible for Orders of Expunction and Non-Disclosure.

State vs. $14,371.00

County:  Collin

Result:   Client’s money, $14,371.00, was confiscated from him by Plano Police Dept., and the State filed a civil lawsuit attempting to keep the funds. Wyde & Associates obtained a dismissal of the civil suit and the police were forced to return the money to the client.

State v. Ralphcel

Client accused of Assault (Family Violence) and Interfering with an Emergency Telephone Call
County: Dallas
Result: Both cases Dismissed (Unconditionally). Client eligible for Order of Expunction.

State v. Lauren F.

County: Denton
Result:  Non-Jury trial, Not Guilty/Directed Verdict as the DA failed to prove a prima facie case.

State v Gilbert L.

Sexual assault.

County: Dallas
Result: Not guilty. Forced accuser to give deposition.

State v Karylse A.

Possession of a controlled substance.

County: Smith
Result: Case dismissed

State v Ashlie W.

Driving while intoxicated.

County: Dallas
Result: Not guilty