Administrative & Regulatory Law

As a former elected official, Dan Wyde has extensive knowledge of the State’s administrative, regulatory and licensing agencies and procedures. Dan Wyde and Associates has represented numerous individuals and businesses in obtaining a license, renewing a license, and preventing the State from suspending or revoking a license. At Dan Wyde and Associates, we regularly practice and appear on behalf of individuals and clients whose cases are heard by the State office of Administrative Hearings.

Our attorneys are intimately familiar with the legal, political, and public policy dynamics that influence decisions made by administrative agencies charged with implementing important state laws. In private practice, our attorneys have extensive experience appearing before a wide range of Texas state agencies, including: the State Bar of Texas, the Texas Medical Board, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Housing and Community Affairs, the Department of Public Safety, the Texas Alcoholic Beverages Commission, the Texas Education Agency, the Secretary of State’s Office, the Texas Real Estate Commission, and Texas Ethics Commission.

We offer our clients legal support on a full range of administrative law matters, including:

  • Contested case hearings and Appeals of professional license suspensions or denials.
  • Rulemaking and challenges to proposed administrative rules.
  • Procurement issues, including protests of contract awards.
  • Open records and open meetings rulings.
  • Ethics filings and enforcement proceedings.
  • Trial and appellate court challenges of agency actions.


Business Law Case Results

Successful Defense Of Negligence Claim And Recovery Of Attorney’s Fees

County: Dallas County

Result: Wyde & Associates’ client, J.C. Commercial, Inc., was sued for negligence and premises liability for an incident at the Plano Aquatic Center. J.C. Commercial, Inc., was the general contractor that oversaw the defendant subcontractor’s renovations of the pool.

The case between the plaintiffs and both defendants settled after J.C. Commercial Inc.’s motions for summary judgement were heard. W&A was successful in pursuing all attorney’s fees on behalf of its client through a cross-claim for indemnification.

Wyde & Associates’ attorneys representing J.C. Commercial, Inc. were Dan Wyde and Connor J. Moore.

Wyde & Associates specializes in civil litigation, business law, family law, probate law and criminal defense matters.

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Breach Of Contract And Deceptive Trade Practices

County: Denton County

Result: Wyde & Associates’ client, J.C. Commercial, Inc., sued subcontractor PRG Mechancial, Inc. for breach of contract and deceptive trade practices pursuant to the Texas DTPA. J.C. Commercial, Inc.’s motion for summary judgement was granted. W&A is please to announce that its client, J.C. Commercial, Inc., obtained a judgement in the amount of $94,541.35.

Wyde & Associates specializes in civil litigation, business law, family law, probate law and criminal defense matters.

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State vs. $14,371.00

County:  Collin

Result:   Client’s money, $14,371.00, was confiscated from him by Plano Police Dept., and the State filed a civil lawsuit attempting to keep the funds. Wyde & Associates obtained a dismissal of the civil suit and the police were forced to return the money to the client.

Moss & Keating vs. Princip & Martin

Wyde & Associates is pleased to secure a $23.4 million jury verdict in U.S. District Court in Dallas, Texas on Apr 1, 2016 on behalf of its clients for breach of partnership agreements and breach of fiduciary duties.  Apparently, this verdict is the largest non-personal injury verdict in Dallas federal court in 20 years.

Founding partner Dan L. Wyde tried the case, including obtaining $16 million dollars awarded for exemplary / punitive damages due to the defendants’ conduct, with attorney Victor Vital, a partner with Barnes & Thornburg.

Read more about the trial in the Dallas Morning News’ article appearing in the Business Section below:

Simays v Turtle Creek Medical Management

Wrongful termination and Assault

Represented Defendants, medical clinic and owners

County: Dallas
Result: $0.00 judgement for Plaintiff and $18,000 in attorney’s fees for W&A

Marable v North Texas University

Wrongful termination

Represented Plaintiff

County: Dallas
Result: $130,000 judgement for Plaintiff

Landis v North Texas City

Wrongful termination

Represented Plaintiff

County: Dallas
Result: $250,000+ judgement for Plaintiff and attorney’s fees for W&A